Customer Service

For optimised productivity security and reducing operating costs, we have a team devoted to listening to customers in order to respond to their needs throughout the service life of their installations.

Teams of specialised technicians can intervene in order to conduct assessments of equipment or installations made by Goavec or another supplier prior to modifying, renovating or upgrading them either on-site or in Goavec Engineering’s workshops.

The Customer Service, bolstered by its know-how and experience, is positioned as :

A partner :

  • Who integrates the maintenance of process equipment with operators
  • Who proposes the most suitable solutions to production issues (corrosion, contamination, agitation mechanism performances, thermal performance, cleaning, ultra-cleanliness, sterilisation, etc …)

A contact :

  • Who provides advice for today and in the future concerning the use and maintenance of equipment
  • Who proposes maintenance, inspection and renovation services.

A team of professionals :

  • In order to take into account needs in terms of spare parts, preventive and curative maintenance, inspection, diagnostics, and renovation
  • Featuring technicians, inspectors, commissioning supervisors and automatic control technicians who carry out interventions

Corrective actions and bringing your equipment into compliance with the regulations :

  • Inspection and diagnostics of your equipment, factoring in its condition, and safety considerations
  • The ATEX standard
  • Checking for internal sweating
  • Maintenance
  • The repair, renovation and requalification of apparatuses governed by the Pressurised Equipment Directive, in collaboration with the body appointed by the customer

Upgrading automatic control systems :

  • Control systems and instrumentation
  • Supervision system
  • Remote maintenance

Renovation and/or modernisation of your equipment (all marks) :

  • Adding agitation mechanisms
  • Washing system
  • Converting atmospheric tanks into ultra-clean tanks
  • Feasibility study for other functions

Goavec Engineering offers you its know-how when it comes to modernising your installations, taking into account process revamps and full automatic control incorporating :

  • The modification of tanks
  • The modification of agitation mechanisms
  • A maintenance contract
  • Process diagnostics
  • Checking wear on equipment
  • Processes optimisation
  • Overhauling pipes
  • Modifying or replacing the automatic controller command and control system
  • Commissioning
  • Training your production and maintenance technicians

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