Industrial boilerworks

A know-how in industrial boilermaking recognized worldwide

Our company was founded in 1924, and our experience and know-how (which are recognised worldwide) in the field of industrial boilerworks enable us to offer you, in both France and abroad, process tanks that are adapted to your end products and which comply with the regulations (ASME, CODAP, ADMerblatt) used in the country where they are to be used.

Design Department

Our design department has software adapted to every stage of the execution of your project:

  • 2D or 3D CAD (Solidedge/AutoCAD)
  • Calculation software (CODAP, finite elements calculation, seismic zone calculations, agitation mechanism definitions, thermal performance characteristics, definition of hoisting systems, etc …)

Quality Control Department

Our inspection department :

  • Guarantees welding procedures
  • Guarantees the traceability of materials and filler metals
  • Carries out in-house checks (penetration tests, X-ray tests, endoscopic tests, roughness tests, ferrite rate, customer factory acceptance tests)
  • Draws up the manufacturer’s files

Quality Insurance Department

Our quality insurance department :

  • Ensures compliance with standards and recommendations
  • Ensures the quality policy
  • Ensures the files of FAT/SAT acceptance and of IQ/OQ/EQ qualification

We have an expanded range of products :

  • Atmospheric tanks
  • Ultra-clean tanks
  • Sterile tanks

Production workshop

We have 17,000 m² of production workshop floor space split into several zones :

  • Plasma cutting workshop
  • Preparation hall
  • Assembly hall
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Agitation hall
  • Logistics hall for packaging finished products before they are dispatched

We design, manufacture, inspect and install stainless steel storage and process tanks with capacities of up to 300,000 litres.

We design and manufacture our own range of agitation mechanisms.

We can achieve levels of internal finishes with roughnesses of Ra 0.2 μm