Our metallurgical know-how

GOAVEC Engineering almost a century in the assembly of various types of stainless steel

Bolstered by nearly a century’s worth of experience in assembling various types of stainless steel for the agrofood, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries GOAVEC Engineering has equipped itself with a high-performance inspection department enabling it to respond to the company’s various internal needs as well as to external needs through audit missions and specific checks offered to our various customers.

Regular controls

Our European technologists and engineers specialised in welding have Level 2 Cofrend certification and regularly carry out the following checks :

  • Non-destructive checks carried out internally such as X-ray checks, ultrasound checks on thicknesses, penetration tests, magnetic particle testing, endoscopy, measurement of the ferrite rate, etc …
  • Metallurgical assessments (for signs of corrosion, cracking, etc …)
  • Inspection of fabricated items or installations
  • Training regarding the regulations governing pressure vessels.
  • Riboflavin cleanability test
  • Three Goavec inspectors have authorisation from Cofrend (the French Committee of Non-Destructive Tests) :
  • 1 certified international welding engineer :
    • Cofrend 2 Ultrasound, Impact, and Magnetic Particle Testing (NF-EN 473)
  • 1 European welding technologist with Cofrend 2 certification (Penetration Test).
  • 1 technician with Cofrend 2 certification (X-Ray & Penetration Tests)