Zona de pruebas / piloto

Our engineers in research and development support you in developping your products

The Goavec Engineering tests/pilot hall is integrated into the Research & Development Department. It is equipped with pilot apparatuses and all the general fluids required. The test laboratory enables experimentation on new tools and the testing of new products.

Its purpose is to :

  • Develop new processes initiated by the Goavec Engineering design departments.
  • Check the compliance of the products manufactured by customers by using tools designed by Goavec Engineering.
  • Check that the manufactured assemblies are in full working order before they are dispatched, and train operating staff.

The test laboratory is made available to customers in order to :

  • Enable them to come and test the feasibility of their products and of their acceptance procedures.
  • Develop new products under completely confidential conditions. A number of the products now on the market are the fruits of close collaborative efforts with the GOAVEC ENGINEERING lab.
  • Check the feasibility of placement into industrial production.