Our history

A few key dates in the history of GOAVEC ENGINEERING :


1924François GOAVEC founded our company at Alençon, a town in the heart of Normandy. The strong agricultural and culinary traditions of this region have oriented our lines of business right from the outset, with copper stills being manufactured for distilling Calvados. Our agrofood orientation was thereby set.

1954Upon the death of the founder, Jean GOAVEC, his son took up the torch and developed the manufacturing of stainless steel tanks for the dairy industry.

1968GOAVEC a major technological advance in the design of its treatment tanks thanks to the design, manufacture and implementation of its own range of agitators and mixers made from stainless steel. The company then set off to conquer the world market and quickly became a benchmark in terms of process tanks (ripening tanks, crystallisation tanks, fermentation tanks, etc …)

1975In order to respond to the needs of its customers in the agrofood sector, GOAVEC began offering batch-oriented turnkey solutions and integrated its own process equipment.

1985Bolstered by its experience as an assemblies manufacturer, GOAVEC began offering turnkey platforms for the cosmetics industry and launched the development of a range of fast agitation units.

1990Development of its business in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors. The quality reference standards implemented in these sectors was taken into account.

1996The company abandoned its status as a family firm and became GOAVEC ENGINEERING

2010The company became part of the SPLG Group and ensured its long-term existence within a French Group employing over 400 staff.

Today, bolstered by 90 years of experience,GOAVEC ENGINEERING has become one of the main boilermakers and process assembly manufacturers for the dairy, agrofood, cosmetics, fine chemistry and pharmaceuticals/biotech industries.