Quality / Safety


Ever mindful of the satisfaction of its customers, for many years now, Goavec Engineering has been committed to a Quality approach based on ISO 9001.

Paying attention to implicit needs and taking them into account enables us to provide our customers with an adapted offer.

The Quality Manager (who is directly subordinate to General Management) and the Inspection Department guarantee the implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan during all of the various phases of a project, and particularly :

  • Tight management of documents and data
  • Implementing and monitoring quality plans, procedures and instructions
  • Compliance with standards and recommendations
  • Identification and monitoring the traceability of supplies and materials
  • Managing and monitoring the qualifications of welders and workmen
  • Carrying out and documenting non-destructive checks (X-ray tests, endoscopy, etc …)
  • Auditing and monitoring the quality of sub-contracted services
  • Checking the qualification files and protocols
  • Monitoring instances of non-compliance and managing corrective actions
Within the framework of projects, Goavec Engineering draws up :


This document describes the special arrangements implemented by Goavec Engineering within the context of supplying a tank or a turnkey process installation, with this being done in such a way as to fulfil the customer’s requirements in terms of quality and reassure the customer regarding Goavec Engineering ability to successfully complete the project.

The objectives are as follows :

  • To indicate all the resources implemented in order to fulfil the customer’s requirements
  • To identify all the project’s actors
  • To set the responsibilities of the various actors
  • To describe the project management
  • To provide all the actors involved in the project with the procedures, rules and documents applicable under the framework of the project


Goavec can intervene at any stage in the lifespan of your installation.

In the event of modifications to existing installations that have already been qualified, Goavec’s teams are able to help you implement Change Control.


The purpose of qualification is to provide documented proof that :

  • The detailed plans and documents validated for execution purposes do comply with the specifications: Design Qualification (DQ),
  • The as-built installation does comply with the design specifications: Installation Qualification (IQ),
  • The installation commissioned operates properly, in accordance with the various types of specifications: Operational Qualification (OQ).

Within the context of this approach, Goavec Engineering takes part in the following way :

  • Presentation of a design file bringing together the implementation support documents in their validated “Good for execution” version.
  • Carrying out the commissioning tests for validation of the as-built installation :
    • As part of FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) on the pre-assembled equipment,
    • As part of SATs (Site Acceptance Tests) on the full installation apart from what has had an FAT carried out and provided it has not been modified.
  • Carrying out functional tests via qualification of the automatic control system :
    • As part of FATs, on a test bench,
    • As part of SATs, on the finalised installation on the customer’s premises

The customer’s presence is not required during the commissioning tests. However, should the customer wish to capitalise on the FAT/SAT tests or avoid having to redo them within the context of IQ/OQ, he will have to attend the FAT/SAT tests.


3834-2 certification

3A standards


Our line of business requires full knowledge of the safety, hygiene and environmental rules factored into each of our processes.

GOAVEC ENGINEERING recognises Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) factors as being major elements in the company’s performance.

In order to set itself the objective of “ZERO” accidents and to protect the environment, GOAVEC ENGINEERING has committed itself to an approach involving ongoing improvements by setting up an HSE management system.

In order to successfully fulfil this policy, the Management of GOAVEC Engineering has committed itself to developing, complying with, and ensuring its staff’s compliance with, the following objectives :


  • To identify and assess the risks of accidents, incidents and hazardous situations in all of our company’s activities both at the worksite and in workshops
  • To implement an annual HSE action plan, which is periodically reviewed, and to assess its performance
  • To raise awareness and listen to all our staff through safety discussions in order to involve them and given them a sense of responsibility in terms of this policy
  • To comply with the regulatory/standards requirements by co-ordinating regulatory monitoring
  • To limit calling on additional staff within the limits of its managerial capabilities and to ensure that they are trained and authorised to carry out the activities requested
  • To inform our customer of any use made of sub-contractors and to ensure that Goavec Engineering will call on companies that have an HSE management system that is at least equivalent to ours
  • To combat alcoholism, tobacco addiction, and the use of drugs
  • To inform employees about their retirement rights and their right to inform their employer about workplace safety threats
  • To ensure proper compliance with the HSE rules set and to prevent any accident by carrying out safety inspections (worksite audit, workshop audit, system audit, etc … )
  • To develop our HSE management system so that it remains suitable, relevant and efficient


To eliminate or reduce our company’s impact on the environment by :

  • Managing our waste,
  • Rational use of our energy sources,
  • Fulfilling our customers’ requirements.